where to eat czaar peter quarter

We recently went folder hunting (you can find our folders with a special discount code at 200 places in Amsterdam) at the Czaar Peter Quarter in Amsterdam. Since we don’t have one of our tours over there (yet), this neighbourhood was a bit undiscovered by us. So we decide to do some terrace hopping. There’s no better way than to discover a neighbourhood by sitting on a terrace and see the hustle happening around you. These were three places where we went and which you should definitely visit.


Besides pouring amazing ice teas (see picture) with home dried fruits, you can have a nice four course dinner for €30,- over here. For Dutch standards this is not very expensive. “Why?“, you might ask. Well, INStock is all about reducing food waste by picking up unsold products at local supermarkets and other producers. Their creative chef turns the products into beautiful dishes which makes every evening dinner unique.


Rosa & Rita is all about simple but delicious food and drinks. Try their pizza, entrecôte with fries, couscous or salads. All their dough, sauces and salads are homemade and therefor rich in flavour. Sit down and relax at their big terrace during summer or warm yourself next to their fire place during winter.


At Frank’s Smokehouse you’ll find passionate father and son, Frank and Thomas, putting their hearts into everything they’re making. They give their guests a unique experience around eating dishes created with smoke. Don’t get us wrong though, creating dishes with smoke doesn’t mean that everything should have a smoke flavour. To get what we mean: go and try it out yourself!

PS: are you a lover of peanut butter? Find a peanut butter store ‘de Pindakaaswinkel‘ with 10 different, healthy flavours at Czaar Peterstraat 169.

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