Have you ever been surprised with a city trip? We recently were! Last September we got invited to a city trip to the magical city Budapest. FROM HERE is all about travelling and exploring the world while feeling like a local. No wonder that our team is putting in their best effort to spot beautiful places around the world as well. Because, why not feel like a local in Budapest, Hungary for instance? We found some incredible city sights for you as well as nice restaurants and must-visit places. See our vlog to get a good insight of what we saw during our special weekend.


During our stay we had lunch and dinner at several places. These are our tips for your visit.

from here to budapest food
TOKIO Budapest
– Széchenyi István tér 7-8 – for anyone who is a fan of good sushi or a big bowl of ramen, this is the place to go. The interior is quite interesting as well with its bright neon lights and long bar.

Meatology Budapest – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 15c – burger lovers should definitely visit this palace. It is small and you have to be lucky to get a table (guarantee yourself of a seat by making a reservation) but you will love it here. Make sure to try the meatology burger: a Hungarian treat!

from here to budapest food

Borssó Bistro – Királyi Pál u. 14 – if you want to taste the true Hungarian flavours in a laidback setting this is the restaurant to go. Have the Hungarian three course menu and be surprised by the rich flavours of this cuisine. You have to be a meat lover though. Rather have something French? Try the French three course menu, probably very good as well.

Zeller Bistro – Hercegprímás u. 18 – dreamy plants hanging on the ceiling accompanied by dreamy guitar music, this is what you’ll find in this restaurant. The portions are quite chunky but tasteful. Make sure to get one of their wines as well and you’ll be enjoying a long evening over here before you know it. (Drink responsibly).


During our first day we mostly wandered around the city to indulge in the architecture influenced by all kinds of cultures. But we got to see some beautiful highlights as well. So without further ado, here are the places you should see when you’re in town.

from here to budapest

from here to budapest

The Hungarian Parliament – Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3 – are you a fan of everything gold (just like us)? Than the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is what you should visit. The building itself is stunning on the outside, but even more impressive on the inside. The only way to get into the building is by a guided tour. So make sure to book your tickets right on time, since they’re running out fast!

St. Stephen’s Basilica – Szent István tér 1 – curious to see the right hand of a King? You will find it in this basilica. After decades the church was finished in 1905. We had the pleasure to visit this church while there was a baptism, which made our visit very special.

Citadel of Buddha see video for visual impression – if you didn’t see the art of Frida Kahlo yet, you can admire it in the citadel. No address needed, it is easy to find this highlight since it is situated on the top of a mountain. If you have the time, visit the gardens and the Fisherman’s bastille as well. PS: you’ll also find a Jamie’s italian restaurant in the neighbourhood over there, which is great.

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre  – Nagymező u. 8 – mister Capa is a Hungarian hero who photographed explicit scenes during several wars. His opinion: if your picture failed, you probably weren’t close enough. Though this man is a hero, the room exhibiting his work is quite small. Our advice is to buy a ticket not for just this exposition, but all expositions in this museum.

from here to budapest

À table – Nagymező u. 10 – next to the Robert Capa museum is a small bakery with a pretty photography exposition room next to it. Definitely worth a visit. Try a nice cup of coffee while you’re there.

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