Wow, this trip to Georgia country has been such an amazing experience! To get a quick overview: watch the vlog above this post. And if you more of a reader: keep on reading! Last October (2018) we went to this beautiful country lying in Eurasia. Though some people state that this country only lies in Europe (the country definitely has some European characteristics), the truth is that – geografically speaking – the country lies in both the Asian as the European continent. Now that we got that all sorted out, we just have to share the incredible time we had over here. To start: the people. Really, we did not meet any Georgian that wasn’t kind, welcoming and happy. A treat, if you’d ask us.


There are a lot of great restaurants around the country. We travelled to a lot of different places and tries all kinds of food. Our most important advise regarding Georgian cuisine: just try and order the dishes that seem most attractive to you. Since most of the served food throughout the whole country is beyond fresh, it’s hard to go wrong when ordering. Most enjoyable are the traditional treats and dishes: churchkhela, khinkali, ajapsandali, Borjomi sparkling water and fresh matsoni by chef Giorgi of Arge hotel. Arge hotel & wine cellar is also the favourite place we stayed at during our visit to Georgia. Giorgi and staff taught us a lot about the Georgian cuisine and Anna and Rezo made us feel at home in another country.

Churchkhela: a traditional Georgian snack eaten during New Year’s Eve.
Georgian bread shoti
Shoti: Georgian bread made in a traditional clay oven.
Khinkali: Georgian kind of ravioli made with mixed meat.

There are so many things to do in Georgia that we don’t know where to start. You should at least watch the vlog above this post to get a nice visual impression. To get an impression of what you can do: here are some snaps of our experiences in Georgia.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Enjoy Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, country during Tbilisoba.
Hike to Ushguli, the highest village of Eurasia.
Khertvisi fortress
Visit the Khertvisi fortress near Borjomi national park.
Vardzia caves
Visit the caves in Vardzia.
Rabati castle
Visit the Rabati castle.
Borjomi train
Hop on the iconic Borjomi train.
Go on a horseback riding tour in the Kakheti region. And maybe spot this little one with blue eyes.
Udabno David Gareja
Visit the border with Azerbeidzjan near Udabno and the David Gareja monastery.

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