FROM HERE is all about travelling and exploring the world while feeling like a local. No wonder that our team is putting in their best effort to spot beautiful places around the world as well. Because, why not feel like a local on the beautiful Greek island Corfu, for instance? We recently got to visit this gem of an island lying in the Ionic Sea. You can even see Albania from some parts of the island. Find our five day itinerary for Corfu, Greece in this travel vlog special.


We stayed in the cosy Penelope Hotel situated in the Boukari Beach village. The hotel was cosy and the bathrooms definitely need an update, but it was tidy, clean and above all cool. That last one is really important given the warm climate that Corfu has. The exterior of the hotel is painted in a warm pink hue, really romantic and a colour you will definitely see more around the island. The owner of the hotel is a hardworking man named Kostas and he will go out of his way to make your stay worthwhile.

corfu pecorino pomo doro

corfu greek salad


The best dinner we had was in Corfu town. If you want to enjoy local Greek cuisine with a modern twist, make sure to visit Pomo d’Oro. They don’t believe in three course dinners but eating the way you like it. Our favourite dish was the pecorino cheese with whole black peppercorns and honeycomb: such a treat! Also, do try the champagne they serve. This champagne is made on the island and is really delicious. Other restaurants we enjoyed were Kalami Beach, The Village Taverna and Nikos Taverna.

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