thrill grill

Although we like a decent six course menu from time to time. We can also appreciate a really good burger. During our tours in Amsterdam we try to spot new burger joints to have a look. And to taste of course. So recently we came across the Thrill Grill. A restaurant dedicated to burgers, which you can instantly tell by the slogan for the love of burgers. The restaurant is an initiative by Dutch famous chef Robert Kranenborg.

So about the meat. It is additive-free, locally sourced and environmentally friendly. Three very important things when eating a burger in our modest opinion. It is 100% good food, just how we like it.
We started with the veggie croquettes threesome. These are six vegetable croquettes: two with carrot and ginger, two with beetroot and (our favourite) two with aged Dutch cheese. And then, finally, we got to taste the long awaited burgers. Of course, we didn’t go for the ordinary burger but the unordinary ones. The Peruvian beef thriller was tender yet spicy because of the combination of the avocado and Spicy Aji Amarillo sauce. The blue cheese Kranenburger was simply delicious because of the fresh beef, blue cheese and red onion jam. On the side we had umami fries, just go for it and enjoy the black garlic mayonnaise that is served with it.

When can we go again?

thrill grill

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