As promised in one of our previous vlogs, here is the first special that we shot with FROM HERE! Recently we went to Friesland, the Netherlands. This is not a city, but a whole province. You might’ve read about this beautiful Dutch province in the Lonely Planet. The guide selected this area as the third go-to destination in Europe in their top 10 in 2018. Of course, now you are dying to see why. Well, are you lucky today! We made a beautiful three day special about Friesland.

So what did we do during our three day trip? A lot, we can tell you. We visited three wonderful places: Sloten, Oudemirdum and Stavoren. Also: we went on a 30 km. bike tour and we saw the province by boat. In Friesland are plenty of nice restaurants to have lunch and dinner and, for obvious reasons, we visited two of them. Our favourite was by far de Mallemok. It is possible that you’ve read our post about that restaurant already. See it for yourself! Also, if you want to visit Friesland, let us know. You can book a tailor-made tour with us for a day and we will make sure to get you there and plan some great activities for you. If you want to visit Friesland for more than one day, send us a mail. We can arrange that for you as well.

Enough said. Go and see the vlog special about Friesland Netherlands and let us know what you think! Excited to see more? You can easily hit that subscribe button on YouTube to make sure to never miss any of our videos again. Are you a fan of this video? Give us a thumbs up!

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