Sinterklaas snacks

One of the most celebrated holidays globally is Christmas. But in the Netherlands, we also have another very popular holiday called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is a saint, originally from Turkey, that brings gifts to all well-behaved Dutch kids during his own birthday on the fifth of December. If you didn’t behave as well as you should’ve for the past year, you might risk a one-way ticket to Spain. Spain is where Sinterklaas lives, according to our Dutch mythology. He also rides his white horse on Dutch rooftops to deliver the gifts through the chimney. As you can imagine, the man is loved by many.  With the celebration of his birthday comes all different kinds of snacks. We’ve listed the most delicious ones for you.


Kruidnootjes: probably the most popular snack during this holiday. The tiny spiced biscuits come in big bags, sometimes with extra candy like tumtum in it. They also run in all kinds of different flavours, varying from limoncello to truffle. You’ll find kruidnootjes in most warehouses such as HEMA from the beginning of September until ~ 15 December.


Marsepein: the literal translation of this snack is marzipan. This snack comes in different kind of shapes and sizes during this holiday. The most favourite size is the pig. You can buy pieces from this pig or, if you’re celebrating Sinterklaas with your whole family, a whole pig. Marzipan is made of almonds but there are varieties with beans as well.


Chocolate letters: chocolate is always a good idea. Our favourite fair trade Amsterdam chocolate brands also come with this Sinterklaas snack: the chocolate letter. You can buy these letters as expressive and yummy as you like: with coloured sprinkles, salted caramel or just plain, simple and delicious.

Did you discover some more Sinterklaas snacks? Which ones did you like the most?

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