saturday morning in amsterdam

Marijn Scheeres is an incredibly talented photographer who photographs for Dutch known newspapers such as the Parool. You might know Parool as it won the international prize for best designed newspaper in the world. But this piece isn’t about the Parool, it is about Marijn and her book ‘Saturday morning in Amsterdam’.

“I’m intrigued by how people give purpose to their lives”, she mentions on the crowdfunding blog Voordekunst. “What they do in their free time, how they connect with others, what they’re attached to, what’s on their mantelshelf and how they relate to others and their surroundings.” For the Parool she photographed numerous homes during their Saturday morning breakfast. It gives an intimate peek into the lives of Amsterdammers.

Marijn loves to go out on a Saturday and photograph the intimate home portraits. She recognises the free spirit of the Amsterdammer and is happy with the hospitality of them letting her into their homes. After shooting the first items, she even got requests of families who wanted to be photographed by her. This resulted in 500 images gathered over the last years. After carefully selecting the most representative, she created this wonderful portfolio book.

An impression of the book ‘Saturday morning in Amsterdam’:

Saturday morning in Amsterdam

Image source.

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