rain in the netherlands

Yes, it is annoying when you have to go out when it’s raining and you didn’t think to pack a raincoat to protect you. But there are plenty of reasons why we love rain in the Netherlands. No idea what we’re talking about? Find the five best reasons to instantly become a rain fan below.

  1. That wonderful smell when it’s raining.
    The smell of rain is as good as the smell of a freshly baked apple pie. Or freshly baked carrot cake, if you’re not a fan of apple pie. The smell comes from an oily plant substance called petrichor. This substance is released during a rain shower after a longer period of drought.
  2. That extra feeling of Dutch cosiness.
    If you’ve been to the Netherlands before, you probably know the word gezellig. There’s no literal translation, but it explains itself as feeling cosy and comfortable amongst family and friends while having a good time. Gezellig gets even better when it’s raining. Nothing better than to grab a blanket while sitting on the couch with friends around a fire place during a rain shower.
  3. Changing clothes after walking (or running) through the rain.
    If you happen to be surprised by an instant rain shower you will probably get pretty wet and cold. There is nothing better than changing in a dry and warm set of clothes after rain in the Netherlands. Don’t mind a shower after a (rain) shower? A warm shower after getting cold is also a great feeling.
  4. Rainbows, obviously.
    Nothing makes us more cheerful than a rich-coloured rainbow in the sky.
  5. The amazing rainwear brands that make pretty cool rain items.
    There are numerous rainwear brands that make beautiful items. The days with dull poncho’s are over! Curious to get to know a few brands? You’ll find them here!

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