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AMSTERDAM - December 14th, 2017

Tour company FROM HERE opened its doors at October 1st 2017. People are nowadays longing for a local experience during their holiday. FROM HERE tells and shows what happens in the capital of the Netherlands by highlighting the contemporary culture. Amsterdam is the lively backdrop where their guests are guided through.

“When I’m enjoying my holiday I don’t want to be a tourist, I want to know what is really happening in the city or country I’m staying in”, says owner Femmie Mulder (29). “There is no better way to feel like a local than by being with and guided by one. Think about it. How often does it happen that you check-in during your holiday and ask the hotel owner where he or she likes to have dinner? Or where the places are that aren’t packed with loads of tourists? FROM HERE is founded with that in mind: making a tourist feel like a part of the contemporary Amsterdam culture, instead of only visiting the city.”

Tourists will be guided to the vibrant Amsterdam Noord neighbourhood or the centre and be taken to street art, initiatives by local entrepreneurs, fashion and unique city sights. A local guide tells the story behind the artwork, shop or neighbourhood. For anyone who likes to have everything customised there is the tailor-made tour option. You can let the guide know your interests and with that in mind a special tour will be created. Not every tourist feels comfortable enough to hop on a bike, this is why you can choose for a walking or biking option with every tour. The tour company avoids guiding large groups with headphones and flags. FROM HERE rather aims to create a personal vibe where there are enough possibilities to ask the local guide anything you want to know about the Amsterdam culture.

Next year, the company aims to expand to more neighbourhoods outside the city centre of Amsterdam and other towns in the Netherlands. “That is why we are encouraging enthusiastic guides, who are eager to show their village or town from a local point of view, to contact us”, says Femmie. The current focus of the company is Amsterdam, a part of ‘het Groene Hart’ (the Green Heart of the Netherlands) and the growth of their online platform.

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