planting trees for christmas

FROM HERE has been planting trees in the spirit of Christmas. We gave two trees as a Christmas gift to ten of our most valued partners and customers. That makes a total of 20 trees! The Christmas card delivered the message: “Here’s to a beautiful 2019 with two of your own (Christmas) trees.”


Ten trees will be planted in Bolivia and ten trees will be planted in the Netherlands. We can’t fly to Bolivia ourselves and we don’t have our own piece of land in the Netherlands so we did this by donating to the beautiful cause: Trees for all. The reason why we wanted to invest in this good cause is simple. By planting these trees, we neutralise ten tons of CO². And by neutralising this amount of CO² emission, we help the planet becoming a tiny bit more clean than it was.

It is that easy. And although we don’t want to brag about the things we do: this is a pretty nice step and we’re proud of it. We intend to keep on doing good deeds on a yearly basis. Also we already are a pretty ‘green’ company by creating tours by bike and on foot, we print everything we need on FSC certified paper and we go to our appointments by bike or electric car. But we’re eager to keep on improving. So if you have any recommendations for us in the future, let us know!

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