amsterdam in september

Wait, what? No vlog? Yes indeed, no vlog. We’re normally dying to show you everything we do in Amsterdam, but this time we did so much things that we forgot to vlog. No worries though, we made a beautiful travel special of Budapest, which we will upload soon. But how can you see some beautiful city sight of Amsterdam in September? Well, of course we shot some pictures and we’re happy to share them with you.

During September we had a trip to Budapest, celebrated the birthday of FROM HERE owner Femmie, were at a magazine launch and was the kick-off of our giveaway. We also saw some beautiful places in Amsterdam and leaves changing from green to yellow and red. Missed the giveaway? You can win one of our beautiful private tours over here. So without further ado: here’s what we did last month!

Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam Central Station.
Flowers in Amsterdam
Flowers and fall clouds in Amsterdam.
The Donau and Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.
wijmpje beukers
Dinner at Wijmpje Beukers.

amsterdam old south articleThe launch of Amsterdam XXXL magazine

nomads amsterdam
Ceviche lunch at Nomads Amsterdam.
metropolitain amsterdam
Acaï bowl lunch at Metropolitain.
david lachapelle groninger museum
Groninger museum visit in Groningen.

Want to see more of our stories? We make some pretty nice monthly vlogs which you can see here.

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