amsterdam noord boat and bike new tour 3

Did you ever had that feeling after a day of work that you didn’t do a lot when in fact, you did do a lot? We had that with February. Which is odd, because one major exciting thing happened: the launch of the Amsterdam Noord salon boat and bike tour! With the launch of this new tour, came a really nice cooperation between us and salon boat de Jonckvrouw. This salon boat used to be owned by the mayor of Amsterdam. He would hop on the boat with his special guests to show them everything beautiful the city has to offer. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy this boat. And for those who like to be a bit active as well during a tour, the other two hours of this tour are by bike. Our favourite way of transport.

Another thing we did during February are two trips to go skiing in Austria and Germany. We won’t be making a travel special of these trips but you get a peek of these snowy mountains below. See you again next month?

amsterdam noord boat and bike tour
Of course we have to start with the most exciting part, the launch of the new tour in Amsterdam-Noord.
amsterdam noord boat and bike tour 1
Can you imagine spending an hour during a sunny afternoon on this salon boat? We most certainly can!
You’ll get to see some nice kind of odd places during the biking part of the tour.
And some stunning street art too! Unfortunately, this one is overpainted already, but there’s definitely more to see.
austria in february
We also went skiing with family in Tirol, Austria. It was a bit cloudy when we arrived, but luckily..
austria tirol
.. we had a lot of sun during the rest of the week!
Amsterdam East
When we got back to Amsterdam, we enjoyed some more sun as well. We had a wonderful tour in Amsterdam East for instance.
We can’t get enough of sights like these.
Winterberg Germany
The last bits of snow that we probably saw this winter in Winterberg.
Where you can enjoy some nice small slopes as well.

That’s it for February. If you want to see what we did during January, you should definitely see this post.

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