Zoku Amsterdam

Ever wondered what life looks like in Amsterdam? Think no more! We give you an insight of what we do in our new photo diary series. Instead of our vlog diaries of last year, we share our favourite pictures of the past month. You’ll mostly see which restaurants and places in Amsterdam we’ve discovered. But since that’s not the only town/ village in the Netherlands, you will see some more villages as well.

First of all: we launched our iconic cities trip to Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris. All hightlights you’ve ever dreamt of are included, but of course some local experiences too.
femmes fatales
We visited the beautiful exposition Femmes Fatales in The Hague. A must-see for anyone who loves fashion and the impast of women in this industry.
teppanyaki amsterdam
We had the best teppanyaki experience in Amsterdam. Yum yum yum!
lunch in leiden waag
We went to Leiden as well to have a nice lunch with friends. See below for more images of Leiden.
This cute little windmill is a really nice Insta spot in Leiden.
And this street in Leiden is also really picturesque.
We couldn’t let this angry kitten out of our photo diary, for obvious reasons.
afternoon tea near amsterdam
If you’re a fan of a good afternoon tea, you should definitely go here.
dinner in utrecht de kleine parade
And we discovered this well-designed restaurant for small bites in Amsterdam.
Zoku Amsterdam
Enjoying the view from Zoku in Amsterdam, such a treat!
Zoku Amsterdam
Their long communal tables (and the buffets!) are gorgeous.
Finally, we photographed our favourite places in Amsterdam-Oost. Soon to be featured in the Amsterdam XXXL magazine.

Did you like our diary? Let us know in the comments!

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