national week without meat

As you might have heard, it’s the national week without meat in the Netherlands. This means that all households are encouraged to eat no meat from the fifth of March until the eleventh. “Why?”, you may think. After all, a piece of well-prepared meat can be delicious so why skip it?
The foundation ‘week without meat‘ got it all figured out for you. For instance: if you’re an adult and you skip your piece of meat for seven days you help our planet by saving a number of things. These are things like:

  • Seven months of shower water,
  • A 114 kilometre drive by car,
  • A whole chicken in total,
  • Seven months of tree.

That last one needs a bit of explanation. How can you save seven months of tree? CO² is a by-product of meat production. In order to clear the amount of CO² emission after a week of meat production for one person, a tree needs seven months to turn that CO² into oxygen. Big numbers, if you ask us. This is why we are happy to join this week.

Do you want to go out for dinner or lunch? Here are some great vegan restaurants where you can eat during this week.

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