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At Nomads they have a great food concept: every six months they take you on a culinary adventure through a country. The travelling kitchen brought us to Peru: land of ceviche’s, sweet potato and quinoa. If you don’t know what ceviche is, here is a small explanation. Ceviche is (most of the time) a dish with fresh pieces of raw fish marinated in lime and lemon juice. Depending on the region or taste of the chef, peppers, unions and other herbs are added to the dish. The citrus juice cures the fish, which makes the taste of the fish really tender. We love a good ceviche dish, did you ever try it?

The menu of Nomads has a wide variety of dishes, but we decided to go for the chef’s menu. We had something to celebrate so a three course lunch menu was the best choice to make. At first we had two types of ceviche: one with salmon and one with sea bass. Our favourite was definitely the one with sea bass since it was made with citrus and passionfruit juice. So good! As a main course we had a quinotto (a quinoa risotto) and octopus with sweet potato and yellow peppers. Yum! For dessert we also had two dishes: a dulce de leche with chilli merengue and a typical Peruvian chocolate cake (turron).

All flavours were on point and we would definitely recommend this restaurant in Amsterdam East. You’ll find Nomads at the Oranje Vrijstaatkade 55 in Amsterdam.

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nomads amsterdam

nomads amsterdam

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