lottis hoxton

It is probably one of the most loved places by many influencers in the Netherlands: Lotti’s in the Hoxton hotel. The couches, the chairs, the vibe, the people: everything is just right in this place. In the back of the restaurant are enough places to sit down with your laptop and work. In the front you’ll find nice lounge couches to have drinks with your friends. The restaurant has interesting places for everyone!


After a bit of working it was time for a lunch break and we can tell you: it is hard to choose from the menu! A few dishes already crossed our eyes while sitting in the restaurant and they all looked real nice. Lotti’s has a homemade burger, avocado on toast with poached eggs and their signature croque monsieur on their menu. This croque is called the Hox Moniseur. As big cheese lovers, we had to choose the Hox Monsieur. And it was sooooooo good! It was loaded with plenty of Gruyere and nice slices of Dutch ham. A must-try! Go and find out for yourself!

Looking for something else? You’ll find more lunch and dinner spots here.

lottis hoxton

lottis hoxton

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