lunch in leiden

Have you ever been to Leiden? This city, which is definitely worth a visit, has a lot to offer. For instance you can visit naturalistic museum Naturalis or the Pieterskerk. We went to have a lunch in Leiden at Waag. This monument where, in the 1650’s, incoming goods were checked is a really nice place where locals and Leiden visitors meet and eat.

At Waag you can have it all: breakfast if you have an early (business) meeting or drinks with your friends at the end of the day. One thing we instantly noticed is the cosiness at this restaurant. There are plenty of nice corners where you can feel comfortable and at ease while you’re here. Another really nice thing about Waag: the menu has a wide variety of dishes. From carpaccio to different kinds of omelettes and from a classic club to Korean pork belly. And it all tastes really good. So, if you get the chance to visit Leiden, make sure to have lunch/ dinner or drinks at Waag.

lunch in leiden waag

You can find this place to lunch in Leiden at: Aalmarkt 21, Leiden. Want to discover more restaurants in the Netherlands? Check them here.

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