de kanarie club

The Kanarie Club (literal translation: canary club) is located next to the Food Hallen in the Old-West area of Amsterdam. After seeing a lot of excited people having lunch on Instagram, we wanted to have a look ourselves. As it was a Tuesday afternoon, the place was very quiet.

And my oh my, what a wonderful place it is. The interior is just simply amazing. At first we didn’t quite get what was up with the pool theme, but after explanation we liked the interior even better. The huge building served many purposes. It once was a public transportation museum and it has been occupied by squatters. Those squatters even made a pool with rain water in it. So there is your hint to the pool-style interior of the Kanarie Club. You can find the pool bar at the first floor of the restaurant. The silver water altimeter combines nicely with the orange bar stools. If you want to have a nice cocktail with friends, this is the floor to be.



The menu varies a lot. The restaurant has dishes from jalapeño wraps to homemade burgers. But also healthy options, such as the baba ganoush focaccia. We decided to go for the burrata salad. It took a little time before we had our salad but we were rewarded for the waiting. It tasted delicious! The burrata was really fresh as were the veggies. The dressing was perfection as well.

If you have the time, go visit the Hallen after lunch. You can have some additional snacks or just wander around. If you go to de Kanarie Club for dinner, it is also possible to grab a movie in the Filmhallen afterwards.

de kanarie club

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