bistro berlage

When you’re visiting the city centre of Amsterdam, you’ll have plenty of lunch options. Though not all lunch spots are of great quality in the centre. This is why we’re always eager to find the best places to have a break in the city centre. Bistro Berlage is one of those restaurants where we had lunch recently and were pleasantly surprised.


As it was one of the coldest days to be in Amsterdam we decided to go for an odd combination. We started with a hot chocolate and whipped cream. This hot chocolate was probably the best we had in years. The menu of Bistro Berlage is modest which makes your decision for lunch easy. After continuously switching between the shrimp croquet sandwich and the mixed mushroom toast with tarragon in our heads, we decided to opt for the last one. Simply because this toast had a poached egg as extra feature. Obviously we made the right decision. The yolk was perfectly liquid, the mixed mushrooms not too soft and the toast crunchy. Quality we enjoy!

If you’re a fan of bistro classics with a Dutch touch, Bistro Berlage is your place to go. Rather have something else? How about French toast or a burrata salad?

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