love stories

When lingerie is either for sports or too romantic too handle, there’s something wrong. That is what the founder, Marloes Hoedeman, of Love Stories must have thought when she founded her brand. Coming from an interior background, Marloes wasn’t designing with the fashion guidelines in her mind but with the versatility of women in mind. And so, in 2013, the brand Love Stories was born. The favourite lingerie piece of the brand? The bralette!

The brand became an instant hit both in Amsterdam and other cities around the globe. People are so happy to wear it, that they want to wear it outside as well. During a swim for instance. This is why Love Stories decided to design swimwear as well, which you can recognise by the name Swimclub. Along with this sublabel, other initiatives started too. Such as Cirque de la Nuit (lingerie, but a little more cheeky) and a ready to wear collection. Ready to wear and a lingerie brand, does that add up? According to Love Stories it does. Their vision: why not wear a satin kimono when going to the club? Come to think of it: why not, indeed. Let’s go shopping!


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