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In our post about Museum Night Amsterdam we already mentioned how impressed we were by the exposition of Jamie Hawkesworth. During this night we visited Huis Marseille (literal translation: house Marseille) and the exposition Landscape with Tree by Jamie. His style is described as British documentary photography. The exposition shows a spectrum of photo series which were shot over the past ten years.


Our favourite part of the exposition was definitely Preston is my Paris. It was Jamie’s first photographic exploration at the Preston bus station. He spent a week at the station photographing everyone who passed. The result is both beautiful as sad, in our opinion. The portraits capture a brief moment of the people’s life without them being distracted by the photographer. Every picture is beautiful, but you can see the sadness in some people’s faces.

It was this first encounter with the people in Preston that made Jamie Hawkesworth longing for making more work. We are happy he did! At the Huis Marseille we enjoyed much more of his work. For instance his fashion and nudes series. His talent for this subject wasn’t left unnoticed as Jamie has been published in multiple magazines. You might have seen his work in Acne Paper, AnOther, Dazed & Confused, i-D or The New York Times Style Magazine.

In 2016 Jamie travelled to Colombia and Hawaii. At these countries, he saw so many structures and heard so many incredible sounds, he had to share it. This is why he chose to make short videos of his experiences in nature and combine them on three video screens. A treat for anyone who loves to wander.


Jamie Hawkesworth

Jamie Hawkesworth

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