sweet snacks of amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect place to explore all different kinds of Dutch snacks. And the sweet snacks of Amsterdam are a perfect excuse to create that beautiful Instagram shot. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional stroopwafel with a funky topping, a colourful chocolate bar or some nice liquorice: we have it all! Let’s take you along the places where you can get those sweet snacks. You’ll find them below!

The stroopwafels of ‘Van Wonderen’ are probably the most known stroopwafels in Amsterdam. They are a bit pricy (about €8,00 each) but they are most def Instagrammable. Rather make your favourite picture with an oridnary stroopwafel? You can get some pretty delicious stroopwafels at Dutch warehouse HEMA (about €1,75 for 10 waffles).

We wrote about this chocolate bar brand in one of our previous posts as well. Tony Chocolondely wants to create chocolate that is 100% slave free. And their bars are pretty and colourful. That is why this chocolate brand should be on your list while hunting for the sweet snacks of Amsterdam.

This is a bit of a fusion one since liquorice from the brand Klene started their brand in Amsterdam, but the most Instagrammable liquorice is the traditional English one. The sweet pink and yellow colours are a the perfect excuse to grab the camera.

Another very pink sweet but sometimes with special colours is the tompouce. You can get this pink glazed with yellow cream pastry at Dutch warehouse HEMA for less than one euro. Sometimes you’ll find a tompouce special over here. Like this one with the rainbow flag, for instance.

Last but not least: poffertjes! These tiny pancakes are absolutely adorable and are perfect for an Instagram shot. You can get them at one of the best poffertjes restaurants in Amsterdam called ‘De Vier Pilaren’. Tasty! 

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