inside amsterdam houseboat

If you ever visited Amsterdam, it is pretty sure that you saw the idyllic houseboats on the canals. To us, an Amsterdam houseboat is a surprising living space. Though they might seem a bit boring on the outside, most of the owners are very very creative with the interior. This is the reason why we wanted to share with you what an Amsterdam houseboat looks like on the inside.

Some additional news: you can sleep in a houseboat as well. If you want to experience something unique and local, this is probably a thing you should do! Here are some websites where you can find a nice houseboat space:

Now here are some really nice images of the interiors you’ll find on an Amsterdam houseboat. Which one(s) do you like the most?

You can hire this houseboat on the Amstel river.
Or rent this one near Central station.
This one you can rent at AirBnB.
Or find this one at
We love the brightness of this houseboat.
Rather have something with a statement interior? How about this one?
And if you like something really fancy, this is the houseboat for you.

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