We’re always searching for the best spots to have lunch or dinner. Yesterday we went to Hopp in Amsterdam Oost (East), a rooftop bar on the eight floor of hotel Casa Amsterdam. After applying plenty of sunscreen (us Dutchies mostly have a light skin, so a high factor is recommended), we were ready to enter the terrace.

If you’re a beer lover, you will find a wide range of locally crafted beers over here. You can taste daring beers such as Gajes (a dark triple beer) and Karmeliet (also a triple). Or an adventurous beer such as the Rose hipped hibiscus dipped flower power and the Gember Goud (ginger gold). Sun and beer is always a good combination but even better with the right snacks. So obviously we had to try and taste a few items on the menu. We decided to eat the (healthy) salad with chicken, hoppdog (a signature hot dog) and nachos. The hoppdog in particular was a feast to eat. Because of the nice curry sauce, we could eat three of them in a row.

We had such a great afternoon on this rooftop terrace. The staff is incredibly nice and will go out of their way to get you anything you want. The urban garden and all the other (mostly Dutch) guests make you feel like a local. This makes Hopp a place where we will definitely return to on warm summer days.

hopp rooftop terrace amsterdam oost

hopp rooftop terrace amsterdam oost

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