Zoku Amsterdam

High on our list was this place called Zoku. Though everyone we know in Amsterdam have probably been there already, we had not. In this hotel, restaurant and communal space, professionals from all over the world gather to make this place their temporary home. Finally, during one snowy day in the city, we decided to go and make reservations for lunch.

First thing you notice, when you discover the slightly hidden elevator and push the button to the sixth floor, is the extremely great vibe. Everyone is very laid back. And while you confirm your reservation on one of the many tablets hanging on the wall and pay for the buffet, you get that laid back feeling as well. While we took place at one of the long communal tables, our eyes started to discover the food on the buffet. Four salads varying from a salad with apple and blue cheese to one with curried cauliflower and lentils. Flatbreads with zucchini and sundried tomatoes. Homemade soup. And – for those who love sweets – chocolate and vanilla marble cake. All tastes really good and well-prepared. Did we mention that you can also poor yourself an unlimited amount of juices, coffee and tea too?

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, you should definitely pay Zoku a visit. If it isn’t for the food it is for the vibe. This home-office hybrid where professionals from around the globe gather and live for a while gives a new definition to the word restaurant. And we recommend everyone to experience it.

Zoku Amsterdam
Fresh flowers and long communal tables at the Zoku kitchen.

You can find Zoku at Weesperstraat 105, take the elevator to the sixth floor. Find more restaurants in Amsterdam over here.

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