GRIMM ballet where hiphop meets ballet

Since the successful launch of hit television shows such as X Factor and the Voice, a lot more talent shows were produced in the Netherlands as well. One of these talent shows is all about dancing. So you think you can dance is probably the most popular. Each season, talented dancers have to learn all types of choreographies: from ballroom to hip-hop lyrical. This is also the talent show where dance collective ISH became very popular. Today, this dance collective creates beautiful ballet shows with the National Ballet.


The GRIMM ballet is the beautiful combination of contemporary hip-hop with traditional ballet. The GRIMM story is all about two boys that end up in a fairy tale setting. Here they meet all kinds of known fairy tale figures such as Rapunzel, Snowwhite and Cinderella. As in all fairy tales, a big role is played by love and jealousy, friendship, tyranny, intrigues and the battle between good and evil.

Don’t assume that this show is (only) for children. The teaser that was recently posted on the website of the National Ballet shows the contrary. Take a look yourself and decide whether or not you like it. But if you like it, you can buy tickets for April here.

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