french toast at libertine comptoir de cuisine amsterdam

The French created a perfect solution for not throwing away old bread: French toast. Or – as they like to call it – pain perdu. If you’re in France this year, you should give it a try! Luckily, a real nice café opened its doors in Amsterdam recently. And we are convinced that their toast is pretty perfect as well. You will find Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine (wow that’s a mouthful) at the Berenstraat. The place is easy to miss, so make sure you don’t run or bike down the street too fast. Once inside, be amazed by the beautiful interior and ‘drug store’ neon sign (we love big neon signs).


So, after finding the place, we decided to order several toasts. Starting with two savoury ones. We had the croque madame first. This one was delicious: the right balance between ham and cheese. The little omelette on top of it was perfect with its warm and liquid yolk. Second, we had the Norwegian toast. Again, a perfect (poached) egg, and the best Hollandaise sauce. It was gone before we knew it. To top it all off, we ended with a sweet dish. As we’re lovers of the banana and chocolate combination, we had to go for the banana and Nutella toast. Such a mouth party! Combined with strong and good coffee we had a perfect lunch.

The menu of Libertine Comptoir is a real treat. Though, if you’re a big eater, make sure to order two kinds of toasts. Which is a good excuse to have a savoury and sweet treat for yourself.

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