Fragrances made from waste

Brother and sister Boyke and Noëlle are always interested in creating perfumes. They soon discovered that a lot of perfumes contain chemical additives: something they didn’t want to put in their perfumes. This is the reason why they founded their own brand RUIK (literal translation: smell). The duo creates fragrances made from waste.

A great perfume the family members recently created is DEN (literal translation: pine). The 20 meter pine tree that stood on Dam square during Christmas was used for this perfume. Now that’s a good way to deal with waste! You might want to know how they make a nice smelling perfume out of a pine tree without additives. It’s actually not that hard! They distil essential oils from the tree (or orange peels or anything else), and make a scent out of it.

In addition to the fragrances made out of waste, the packaging is 100% sustainable as well. From the packaging made from agricultural waste to the caps of the distilled materials. It is all good!


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