femmes fatales

This past weekend, we went to the beautiful Dutch city Den Haag to go to the Gemeente Museum. We heard about the first all women designer exposition ‘Femmes Fatales’ that – because of us being fashion enthusiasts – we had to visit. If you know a bit about fashion history you will read about known names such as Rose Bertin (Marie-Antoinette’s dress maker) and Katherine Hamnett (known for her statement slogan tees worn by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City). And, of course, you will see a lot of fashion and the evolution of fashion over the past centuries.

So what will you see during this exposition? A lot, we can tell you. Be prepared to see the detailed laser cut dresses of Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. See the beginning of female designers in fashion with dresses designed by Jeanne Paquin. It is also possible to challenge your fashion designer knowledge a little bit. For instance: look at the dresses before you read the credits. Do you recognise an authentic Dior dress? Or the iconic dot of Rei Kawakubo? And can you point out the statement designs of Vivienne Westwood? One thing is certain: you will find it in Den Haag at the Gemeente Museum.

femmes fatales
‘Wilderness Embodied’ by Iris van Herpen.
femmes fatales
Beads, colours and embroideries by Mary Katrantzou.
gemeente museum den haag
The Gemeente Museum is stunning as well, interior wise.

You can visit the Femmes Fatales exposition until the 24th of March, 2019. Also, when you’re there, do visit the exposition ‘The Universal Photographer‘ by Anne Geene and Arjan de Nooy. A dreamy yet down to earth documentation.

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