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We’re always busy between giving beautiful tours and trying to inspire you on our website. This time we are happy to share with you our publication in the 10th edition of Amsterdam XXXL (Congrats with achieving ten editions, Amsterdam XXXL!). We’re giving you a preview of the article. To read the full article you can buy the magazine in many stores in the Netherlands (or online). Please note that the article is written in Dutch.

The article, written and photographed by FROM HERE, is about spending a day in the neighbourhood Amsterdam-Oost. Holiday in Oost (East), is what the article is called. We love to share unique and inspiring places where you wouldn’t ordinarily go. Of course we can’t share everything in one article, but it is a pretty nice impression of what this neighbourhood has to offer.


Last Tuesday, we were invited to the launch party of the new edition of Amsterdam XXXL. The party took place at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam-Oost a location an international look and feel and great food. Sip on a cocktail or mocktail while you make your dinner choice for the evening from the 6 meters long fish showcase.
Editors-in-chief Jimena Rico and Mark Teurlings held a small speech after which they revealed the new cover featuring Dutch celebrity Patty Brard. The cover was welcomed with warm applause and lots of flashing lights by photographers, as you might have seen on our and Monica’s Instagram stories. All together a great way and location to launch the new edition of the magazine. See more of the evening in our photo diary #3, to be published soon!

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