Okay, we must admit, this kinetic art exposition is at the Kunsthal for a little while now. But we are so excited about this expo that we still want to feature it here on our website. So first things first: if you’re all excited after reading this, you can visit the kinetic art exposition until the 20th of January, 2019. And second, if you have the time: go there!

So what is kinetic art actually? If you define kinetic energy, you talk about motion and/ or movement that you can see. Kinetic art is playing with kinetic energy: to use the energy, motion or movement in a creative and artistic way. It is also a way to let the viewer interact with an art piece. No doubt about it; we’re fan! The exposition is called action < – > reaction which is exactly what we mean with interacting with art.

If you know us, you probably saw on our Instagram that we love neon (art) and light and shadow play. This is why shared the video on top of this post. Other great works we love are: Chromosaturation by Carlos Cruz-Diez and Blaues Segel by Hans Haacke. Go check it out for yourself!

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