Amsterdam Christmas Market

Amsterdam Noord has a lot of contemporary treasures to offer, that is one thing that’s for sure. This year, the first edition of the Amsterdam Christmas Market (Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt) was hosted in the Kromhouthal. A new contemporary treasure as well! We decided to pay a visit to this market last Friday.

After paying €5,00 for an entrance ticket we were overwhelmed by diversity of stalls. There were a lot of contemporary products, but we found some vintage gems as well. The stall of Cine Qua Non sold beautiful posters and photographs of icons as Serge Gainsbourg and Chet Baker. Another stall sold natural beauty products from Australian brand Bondi Wash. Of course there were plenty of snacks as well. We were a big fan of Jerom’s nougat stall.

The activities at the Amsterdam Christmas Market were very awesome. We enjoyed a game of shuffleboard (which we lost), watched the best video clips of 2017 in the silent cinema and had a little dance on funky disco beats. We loved the fact that this market was out of the ordinary and hope to visit the market again next year.

Cine Qua Non stall with a picture of Serge Gainsbourg.

The Amsterdam Christmas Market.

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