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About 32.000 people attended Museum Night Amsterdam (museumnacht) last weekend. That’s a lot! We were happy to be there as two of the 32.000 visitors. And, if you have the opportunity to visit next year, you’re advised to do so. Want to know why? Well here is a short description of the amazing museums and events we visited.

museum night van gogh museum almond blossom


After taking the ferry from the north side of the IJ to the city centre, we decided to visit the van Gogh museum first. A lot was about to happen there so we wouldn’t want to skip it out of curiosity. There was a big line, but it was moving fast and after less than 10 minutes we were inside. We were welcomed by DJ Hellie Berry who warmed up the audience with funky beats. On the first floor of the museum we found the interactive installation called ‘Gender anno 2067’. At this installation you were able to draw your vision of what gender would look like in the year 2067. These drawings were combined to one person that represented the public gender vision of 2067. Of course, we were able to watch the art of the master van Gogh as well during Museum Night.

museum night jamie hawkesworth


This was by far our favourite museum of the night. We visited a lot of museums (not only during Museum Night) but this is a gem which we will definitely visit more often. The contemporary art exhibited in an old canal house is both a perfect combination and contrast. Visiting this museum could be a tour on its own! Besides a fashion installation, dance performances and a beautiful garden, there was the exposition of Jamie Hawkesworth. You might have seen it in our Insta stories and feed for a bit already. Because we are so blown away, we will post more about this exposition in a separate article.

museum night portuguese synagoge

On our list was the synagogue as well, since you can’t always visit this beautiful building. During Museum Night the synagogue was opened for the public. We felt so fortunate to be there. In the synagogue hang 1001 candles that are lit by hand. The 1001 candles gave a 1001 night magical feeling. Every hour, the Fuse Amsterdam Ensemble performed their version of classical music for fifteen minutes. A very nice addition to the beautiful synagogue. 

The final event we visited was the Indie Brands Market at the Amsterdam Museum. Niche designers were able to sell and expose their Amsterdam related products. It was nice, but the market could have been bigger in our opinion. Overall we had a wonderful night and we are already looking forward to next year!

Thanks Jimmy, for your pictures!

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