Dutch stew recipe

The superfood kale is a big hit in the Netherlands as it is in the United States. A traditional Dutch dish with this vegetable is stew (stamppot) with potatoes and a nice smoked sausage. We’re a big fan of the dish. That’s why we want to share this Dutch stew recipe with you.

The blog Panning the Globe is a blog about all kinds of dishes around the world. Of course a warm and cosy dish such as a traditional Dutch stamppot had to be on the blog as well. You will find the recipe here. Not a big fan of smoked sausage? A lot of households change the sausage for small pieces of bacon to still add that salty flavour.


Aren’t you the recipe-read-kind-of-person? Luckily there are plenty of enthusiasts who share their cooking skills on YouTube as well. Find our favourite  recipe on the Canadian programme Cityline below!

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