dutch breakfast

Every country and culture has its own morning rituals and breakfast dishes. The Vietnamese start their morning with Phở, the French with a croissant and the Russians with syrniki. A traditional Dutch breakfast is unique because it has both sweet as savoury options. Are you curious what to expect when visiting the Netherlands? Here it comes!


The base of our breakfast is the good old slice of bread which we like to call boterham. We don’t have just one type of boterham, we have all kinds of breads such as corn, whole grain, sourdough, spelt or white bread. The first layer on top of the slice is butter: we prefer a rich dairy butter. As a final layer, there are all kinds of cheeses to make this sandwich a true feast. The Dutch are known for their cheeses (especially the ones from Gouda) varying from aged cheese to very young cheese. Not a cheese fan? No worries. There are plenty of thin sliced meats that you can put on your sandwich as well. Accompanied with a glass of milk, your savoury Dutch breakfast is good to go.


Rather have something sweet for breakfast? There are options as well! Just change your cheese or meat slices for something sweet. A very good combination with rich dairy butter are chocolate sprinkles (think rain-shaped bits of chocolate). Another favourite is peanut butter. Want to try a real Dutch peanut butter? Buy the one of the brand Calvé in any Dutch supermarket.

Eet smakelijk!

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