wolf atelier

If the weather is bad, you have to come up with a real good reason to go out. Last Saturday, we found that good reason in the form of Wolf Atelier. We stumbled upon the name of this restaurant because of an Instagram ad and it made us instantly curious. They advertised with a fifteen (fifteen!) course menu. It looked and sounded like true food heaven. So reservations were made and after waiting for a few weeks, we finally visited the restaurant.

The restaurant is a beautiful railroad bridge near Amsterdam Central Station. The name Atelier comes from the experimental cooking that chef Michael Wolf puts into practice day after day. Chef Wolf has cooked and created in several restaurants before starting his own Wolf Atelier. From Sergio Herman‘s three Michelin star restaurant Oud Sluis to contemporary restaurant Envy in the heart of Amsterdam.

You can opt for several menu’s varying from four to fifteen courses. There was no doubt in our minds: we went for the fifteen course option. Every course is a little experiment of the chef to see if the course is loved by his guests or not. The most popular courses will be represented on the a la carte menu or the permanent exhibition (the four or five course option). At the start you’ll receive a list with all courses and a pencil to give a grade to each course. A really nice extra dimension to our food experience. We loved every tiny course, one more than the other, and they were all tasty. We can’t describe every course for you, so our advice is to go and experience it for yourself. It’s worth it!

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