wijmpje beukers

Somewhere tucked in one of the side streets of Amsterdam East lies a perfect warm and welcoming restaurant called Wijmpje Beukers. In this restaurant they serve Service with a capital S. We arrived early, since it isn’t possible to make a reservation up front. The cheerful waiter was happy to point out a cute table after he introduced himself. Right away, while serving drinks, the waiter and waitresses were thoughtful thinking of putting fresh leaves of mint in our ginger ale, serving a complementary bottle of table water and creating a positive vibe overall.

The menu changes every week: pretty amazing if you ask us. And if you’re having a vegetarian or vegan diet there will be options for you as well. Our first course gave us a home-ish feeling, right away. The carpaccio was made of fine meat, truffle dressing and parmesan cheese. A no-nonsense carpaccio, just the way we like it. As a main course we enjoyed the bulgur salad, with ras el hanout and goat cheese. Also really good and no-nonsense. But above all we loved the fact that the staff was so welcoming. You feel right at home at Wijmpje Beukers, like visiting family or friends. A must-go, if you ask us.

You can visit this restaurant at the Karel du Jardinstraat 47 in Amsterdam.
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