Since 2016 it is possible to visit a small island lying in front of Durgerdam during winter. This island has the name: Vuurtoreneiland (literal translation: Lighthouse island). At cold winter days you can take a special ferry (duration: 45 minutes) and have a wonderful dinner over there. You have to be quick though, the tables are often fully booked. If you want to be sure to have a seat, book a table one month in advance.


After a warm welcome and a small stroll with old lanterns we took a seat at our table. The menu is set in stone, but it is possible to share your dietary requirements. Your menu will be adjusted when neccesary. We started off with three small dishes: a mini pizza with goat cheese and chicory, small carrots and Jerusalem artichoke with a delicious mayonnaise. All dishes are prepared on a stove with real wood and fire, which is why we enjoyed a smoky flavour in all of the dishes.

Before we got to the fish and duck, an amazing bread was served. This bread was accompanied with the best sour cream (ever!). The fish dish was really nice but the true star in that course was the sea urchin sauce with saffron. What we liked most about the duck course was the tender duck medallion with sauerkraut. Every course is paired with its own wine, but it is also possible to choose your own wine from the islands’ very own cellar.

On our way back at the ferry, a small deep-fried raisin bun with coffee was served. A great way to end this beautiful mini holiday away from Amsterdam.


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