At FROM HERE we’re a big fan of fish. Luckily, the Netherlands is loaded with all kinds of delicious fishes from the North Sea such as mackerel and haring. Visaandeschelde (literal translation: fish along the Schelde) knows how to prepare both Dutch and international fishes. Its restaurant is located near the Amsterdam Rai in the Schelde neighbourhood. More a meat-lover? Meaty brother-restaurant The Roast Room is just across the street!



We decided to go for a three course dinner with varying fish dishes. But not before we had a classic oyster with red wine vinegar, union and lemon. Our opinion is: eating in a fish restaurant without eating an oyster is a half experience. The chef prepared delicious amuses before we even had our first course (see image).

Our first course was red snapper with different beetroot preparations and French cheese. Delicious! There was a sublime hint of balsamic vinegar as well. Our main course was plaice. This fish was challenging to filet, but we were rewarded with the tender and soft structure of the plaice. Accompanied with the fish was a sauce of lobster (delicious), spinach and a creative variation of pomme Duchesse. To top it all off, our final course was a dessert we haven’t had before. Ingredients such as dulce de leche, corn, popcorn and Tonka beans made an out of the box dessert.

Visaandeschelde is fancy, classic and its staff is warm and welcoming. The three course dinner was delicious and we can recommend it to anyone who loves to eat fish and seafood.

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