the white room

It is the oldest restaurant in Amsterdam that has been in its original state since 1885. After watching the documentary De Nieuwe Garde featuring the talented and young chef Arturo Dalhuisen, we had the White Room high on our restaurant list. The restaurant has a traditional look and feel with a lot of white and gold touches. Probably one of the reasons why the restaurants name is the White Room. This is, in our modest opinion, a beautiful contrast to the modern menu. The menu is created by three star Michelin chef Jacob Jan Boersma, and served by Arturo Dalhuisen and his team.

We decided to go all the way and have the eight course menu. The menu stated: “Jacob Jan Boersma respects the Dutch nature and creates beautiful courses influenced by styles from around the world. You may define the taste of his ingredients as refined yet accessible.” Our senses were about to be stimulated with sour, sweet, bitter, and fresh flavours. Something to look forward to! If you’re a fan of wine: all courses have a great wine pairing. The wines are selected with enthusiasm by the White Room’s own sommelier: Isabel van Bueren.


It was at the first amuse that we were instantly blown away. This tiny little amuse consisting salmon and cucumber was a micro masterpiece. We never tasted simple ingredients as salmon and cucumber this prominent. As we want you to be able to experience this beautiful menu yourself: we will not describe all eight courses. The final course though, is absolutely worth mentioning. The stars in this dish are the Dutch green apple and our childhood sour candy crush “zure matten“, give it a try!

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