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At FROM HERE, we have a huge list with all kinds of restaurants that we want to visit this year. Pop-up restaurant Baut is one of these restaurants. Baut characterises itself by popping-up on different locations in Amsterdam. They already welcomed many guests on their previous location in the former V&D warehouse building on the Kalverstraat and were determined to pop-up somewhere else again. And so they did! You will find this moving restaurant at the Spaarndammerstraat in Amsterdam-West. The restaurant is located in the Magdalena Chapel.


At Baut, they don’t believe in starter and main course sizes. All dishes are about the same size and it is up to you what your taste is. All dishes will be brought to you in course-style though. For instance: if you decide to have one cold and one warm dish, the cold dish will be brought to you first. We decided to start with the tartare of veal. The waiter was beyond enthusiastic to tell us every detail of what was on the plate. After all: it’s all in the details! We especially enjoyed the combination of the veal with the tarragon and parmesan. As a warm course we chose the duck with savoy cabbage, mustard and prawns. Again, delicious and again, so much effort was put into the details. Every course is a small piece of art which makes it a pleasure for the eyes and mouth.

As for the dessert, we were very, very lucky. The chef decided to offer a dessert with blackberries as star of the dish, as a special off the menu. We did not hesitate to order it and were enlighted by rich flavours. Also, the white chocolate ice-cream and champagne foam were really helping in how much we loved this dessert.
Should you go to this restaurant? Definitely! If you like to be surprised, order the chef’s menu and get surprised the way we were surprised with our dessert. Eet smakelijk!

baut amsterdam

baut amsterdam

baut amsterdam

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