mallemok friesland

As you might have already spotted on our Instagram stories last week, FROM HERE recently visited the beautiful Dutch province Friesland. The province is known for its rustic nature, own language and local delicacies such as sugar bread or Fryske dumkes. You should definitely Google that last one! With visiting Friesland comes tasting all kinds of dishes in the province as well. We got to enjoy dinners at several restaurants but we especially liked our dinner at Mallemok in a little village called Sloten.


Once we entered the garden of Mallemok, we instantly felt at home. The garden is situated along the water and several boats were docking along the quay. People were coming out of their boats to hang some of their laundry on thin lines and the setting was just perfect with the sunset between the trees. After ordering our drinks we were surprised with a funny little bread called a pop-over bread. This bread was made of puff-pastry and old Dutch cheese, which was a bit unordinary but a good start. We decided to start with ceviche. Not typically Dutch or Fries for that matter, but prepared with fish from the Netherlands and therefor still local. The fish meat was really soft, tender and fresh because of the lime.

For our main we had the Graasburger, which literally translates to graze burger. The meat of the burger was biological and came from cows of a local farm in a little village called Sondel. Honestly, we think we never had a burger that tender and with that much rich flavours in it before. It was truly delicious and well combined with local cheese and other ingredients you would expect to be on your burger. And for dessert, we had the chocolate tarte with yoghurt icecream, meringue, peanutbutter cream and caramel banana. Do we need to say more? Go and have a try yourself!

mallemok friesland

mallemok friesland

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