Hotel de Goudfazant

Amsterdam Noord has a lot of treasures when speaking about restaurants. We mentioned Hangar in one of our previous posts but we have another restaurant that we’re fan of: Hotel de Goudfazant. Even though it is in the name, this is not a hotel. Only a restaurant. But, a very good one with a great menu for a reasonable price.  And it is not that far away from the city centre, just take the IJ-plein ferry and you’ll be there within a ten minute walk.


The menu is a three course option menu for €33,50. Vegetarians, meat lovers and fish fanatics can all choose from great options. We decided to have the lamb merguez as a starter. This was a nice well-spiced sausage, combined with feta mousse, freekeh and dates. The sweetness of the dates paired great with the spices in the lamb meat. Because we were in a meaty mood, we decided to have duck as a main course. The meat was beautifully pink and tender, but strong so a sharp knife was necassary. Accompanied with the duck was bok choy, but this was prepared with pepper and therefor a little bit too spicy for our taste. Fans of Asian food would’ve probably loved the preparation of this veggie.

To top the food goodness all off, we ended with a delicious hazelnut cake, white chocolate ice-cream and caramel. A sweet ending to a delicious three course dinner. We would definitely love to come back to this hotel restaurant again!

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