fish café de gouden hoek

A little while ago, we mentioned this cute little fish restaurant in our post as well. Fish café de Gouden Hoek (literal translation: the Golden Corner) is the place to go if you want a good fish and chips, the Dutch way. As a fish lover, we like to visit this place more than often. This restaurant lies in the Staatslieden (Statesman) neighbourhood near the Westergasfabriek. If you decide to have dinner over here: it is a 30 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.


We started with some delicious fish croquettes, just to have a little taste of what was coming. White wine and fish make a perfect pair, so we decided to have a bottle of wine as well. The waiter was more than happy to help us choosing the right one. It didn’t take us long to decide on the main course: fish ‘n chips it is! At de Gouden Hoek you can choose between three types of fish depending on what’s the catch of the day. As we’re a fan of everything local and Dutch, we went for the codfish. Coming from the North Sea, this type of fish is perfect for our main course. Accompanied with remoulade and mashed peas as a side dish we ate every bit of our dish.

A surprising outcome of our experience at this fish café? Not at all. As we said, we like to come here more than often. So if you’re fan of (eating) fish you should definitely have to go yourself!

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