de kop van oost amsterdam

Once you enter de Kop van Oost, you enter a little bit of design heaven. Velvet blue chairs, pink walls, a beautifully tiled floor and a wonderful view to Brouwerij ‘t IJ. You can say, this is a really nice spot for shooting some Instagram content, but this restaurant is way more than just a place for taking pictures.

Because we’ve tasted the food (of course) and it was delicious. So why only take pictures if you can enjoy dinner over here as well? Instead of the chef’s menu, we decided to go á la carte. As a starter we enjoyed the steak tartare which was amazingly tender. Our main course was a kikkerkoek with Jerusalem artichoke which translates to chickpea cake. Although you wouldn’t expect it from a chickpea cake, it was soft and it wasn’t dry at all. Dessert was a rhubarb crumble, a lovely seasonal dish to top this whole dinner experience off. YUM!

de kop van oost amsterdam
The delicious kikkerkoek (chickpea cake) we had as a main.

Want to discover more restaurants we recommend? You’ll find them here.You’ll find de Kop van Oost at: Zeeburgerpad 1, 1018 AH Amsterdam.

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