There are uncountable ways to describe this gem of a restaurant. But the best way to know that this restaurant is good, is to experience it yourself. We are one of the biggest fans of restaurant THT, which thanks its name to the Tolhuis garden behind the building. The old Shell canteen is located next to the famous A’dam tower and EYE film museum. Enjoy a wonderful and delicious evening in shared dining style.


The concept of shared dining is obviously to share your food with others. Now, if you don’t like that: no worries. Since there are a lot of varying dishes, you do want to taste as much as possible. No person could eat everything on their menu so you need someone to share all the dishes with. There are no starters, just mains, so we ordered both hot and cold items on the menu. As THT represents different cuisines, we decided to order fusion style. This is what we tried: legume pressé with goat cheese, vegetarian dumplings with red curry, lobster croque monsieur, poussin and homemade nacho chips with guacamole. It was all delicious.
Fortunately THT has desserts as well. We ordered the pumpkin spice cake with ginger ice cream and did not know what to expect of it. But the ice cream was tasteful and – knowing this restaurant for a while now – we wouldn’t expect any different than being pleasantly surprised.

Honestly, if you’re in Amsterdam: this restaurant should be on your list. It is fun, beautifully located, really tasty and (very important to the Dutch) affordable. Enjoy!



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