dinner at hangar

Amsterdam Noord is packed with restaurants that combine industrial style with refined food. Hangar is one of those restaurants, dare we say: our current favourite. The restaurant honors its name by the round shaped warehouse that Hangar is in. The outlook of the restaurant is raw, but as soon as you step in you feel warm and welcome. We could describe the ambiance as loose yet classy with varying guests such as romantic couples, business associates and groups of friends.



At Hangar they want to keep things simple for their guests. You can decide to order courses separately, or you can choose to have a three course menu for €36,00. It only took us a minute to decide to go for the three course menu. The dishes on the menu are coming from different countries in Europe. You’ll find French onion soup and ratatouille as well as Spanish ceviche and crema Catalana.

We decided to have the tuna carpaccio as a starter. The fish meat was cut very thinly and the wasabi mayonnaise on top of it was a delicious combination. Accompanied with the course was white farmers bread and young olive oil. A nice addition! As a main course we decided to opt for the tomato pie with ricotta and pesto. The flavours were bold and the looks colourful. If you want, you can decide to order a side dish as well. But we didn’t find that necassary. Our dessert were warm chocolate ganache beignets (drool alert!) with hazelnut ice cream. A sweet and tasty ending of a lovely dinner.

If you’re a fan of refined cuisine in an industrial setting: this is your place to go! Hangar is a beautiful mess combining raw elements with subtle flavours in both taste of interior as dishes.

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