de parade amsterdam

Ever since we were young, there was one go-to festival that we wouldn’t want to miss. That event is called ‘de Parade’. Do not mistake this parade for the canal parade during the Amsterdam Pride. De Parade Amsterdam is all about theatre, theatre and more theatre. See this event like a travelling circus, but the tents are used as small theatre venues. That is what de Parade is: a travelling theatre festival that settles at four different Dutch cities. This year, the event started in Den Haag (The Hague), went to Utrecht and Rotterdam afterwards and ended in Amsterdam. We went to de Parade in Amsterdam and of course we loved it. You can still visit the spectacle until the 2nd of September.

de parade amsterdam


The theatre performance differ in each city. But most of them have pretty much the same shows. At de Parade Amsterdam, we went to three different kind of shows. All very unique and impressive in their own way. We started with the show by Romano Haynes called The Seed of Life. In this performance he evaluates his life by reexperiencing his lifecycle. We were blown away. Our second theatre show can be defined as comedy and extravagant. Its name? ‘Close to you’ de Carpenters in therapy, Live! About the revival of the Carpenters and putting aside all that they’ve been gone through. Last but – definitely – not least was the show of Hadewych Minis called Minis Plus. Hadewych is a celebrity in the Netherlands but this is a side of here that haven’t seen before. The show contained humour, flamenco (wow) and a lot of creativity. A must if you’re going to visit the festival.


A theatre event/ festival like this shouldn’t go without good food. And boy do they have that! There are eight different kind of food trucks or small cafés on the festival area, all serving different kinds of specialties. We did a little investigation beforehand and decided to go for ramen at the Hot Mama Hot stand. And do you know bitterballen? At Hot Mama Hot they made a special version with red curry: yum! What a good decision that was! If you’re not into different kinds of Asian food there are some pretty nice other options as well. Fish lovers should go to Zijpe Stijl for instance and lovers of the Mediterranean cuisine should visit la Cantine.

Please note: almost all of the theatre shows are in Dutch.

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