david lachapelle groninger museum

Did you ever hear about David laChapelle? We most certainly do! This talented photographer, born in 1963, made a lot of beautiful photographs during his career. And he is not planning to stop. A beautiful selection of his work is exhibited in the Groninger Museum. Here you will find pieces from the Jesus is my Homeboy series. But also pieces featuring all kinds of celebrities.

So, about the Groninger Museum first. This museum is situated in Groningen city and has a very iconic and modern exterior. The interior is very colourful and modern as well and quite picturesque if you ask us. The building is designed by Alessandro Mendini whose goal is to think outside the box and create something unconventional. When you visit Groningen it is hard to miss this building since it is the connection between Groningen Central Station and the city centre.

And then we got to see the exposition Good News for Modern Man by David laChapelle. One thing that is very unique about his photographs is that they are never Photoshopped but staged. You might even see a fingerprint every here and there, because the editing only happens in the negative development room. By the way, this is the first exposition of the photographer in the Netherlands. Pretty cool, right? The rooms in the museum are representing the different kind of phases in laChapelle’s work. So you get to see beautiful photographs with Miley Cyrus or David Bowie as main character in one room. And you’ll find laChapelle’s vision on what’s paradise in the other. Each room surprises and amazes.

An exposition worth visiting! And you can do so until the 28th of October.

david lachapelle groninger museum

david lachapelle groninger museum

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